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Surfers Skin 125ml SPF 30+ sunscreen

For all you pro-surfers out there and those who will become one. Don't forget to bring your Surfers Skin 125ml SPF 30+ sunscreen down to the beach for your next surf or beach session. We couldn't have made it easier for you than putting this amazing sun protection into a big yellow tube. There is no excuse for not finding your Surfers Skin 125ml SPF 30+ sunscreen in your bag or forgetting it at home, because it is yellow, just like the sun and big, well obviously not too big to put it in a bag.


So what makes this Surfers Skin 125ml SPF 30+ sunscreen so special again?

Glad you asked: Surfers Skin designed this sunscreen with an amazing tropical beachy “coco-nilla” fragrance that you will fall in love with. No matter if you are Kelly Slater or Nikki van Dijk. For those who are not so much into surfing, but more into reading about the surf, you will be pleased to hear that once you've put Surfers Skin 125ml SPF 30+ sunscreen on, your hands rub dry thanks to the non-greasy formula. It is also non-migrating and sweat stable. Yes correct! No matter how much you sweat while reading, running or surfing at the beach, nothing will run into your eyes.


To get the most of your Surfers Skin 125ml SPF 30+ sunscreen follow these directions:


  • 15-20 minutes before sun exposure apply generously
  • it is recommended to reapply after 2 hours
  • To get everything covered, just squeeze some Surfers Skin 125ml SPF 30+ sunscreen into the palm of your hand. Put both hands together so the rubbing will create a coating on both hands. Now you can apply to the areas that will get exposed to the sun. Easy as, right?

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