Searching For Groundswell

Paul Hersey



Searching for Groundswell - A New Zealand surfer's road trip

Paul Hersey

Simply put, New Zealand is a great place to be a surfer. In Searching for Groundswell, Paul Hersey takes the ultimate surfing road trip, looking to connect with the best beach breaks, points and reefs along the 15,000 kilometres of coastline that surround New Zealand. He journeys to Dunedin, the Caitlins, Christchurch, Kaikoura, the West Coast, Wellington, Taranaki, Raglan, Tauranga, East Cape, Gisborne and Auckland before returning to his surfing roots in Northland.

Paul discovers that the sleepy surf communities of his youtha re now vibrant coastal resorts, many with shopping malls and suburban developments lining the shore. The essential thrill of catching a wave is exactly teh same but a burgeoning surf industry has meant considerable change in the culture of surfing in New Zealand.

Part meditation, part documentary: this book celebrates surfing and explores the special relationship surfers have with the sea.


Paul Hersey has surfed, climbed, mountain-biked, or otherwise explored his way through most corners of New Zealand and may destinations overseas. He has chased waves in Indonesia, Hawai'i, Australia and Europe, but vows his best surfing experiences are always found in Aotearoa. He is the author of two books about climbing, Where the mountains throw their dice, and High Misadventure. He writes articles for North and South, and Wilderness and Climber magazines. Paul lives with his wife in Christchurch.

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