At the Beach - A Cookbook memoir

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AT THE BEACH - A cookbook memoir

Margaret Brooker

What could be better when relaxing on holiday at a remote beach location than discovering new and delicious recipes perfect for the beach lifestyle and mood?

The dishes in At the Beach have a distinct holiday feel, coupled with evocative stories of life at a remote Wairarapa beach, far from the convenience of shops and markets.

What says 'ocean' more than crayfish? Discover different ways to prepare and enjoy this delicious crustacean (and many other seafood dishes). Beach foodpohilosophy is all about improvising ingredients with whatever is to hand, and simplifying recipes to work with less. A 'waste not' approach to cooking is paramount where the nearest sops are an hours drive away.

With recipes both fast and slow to enjoy with friends and family, this cookbook is ideal for summer or winter holidays at the beach. Food write Margaret Brooker shares the pleasures of taking time out, with fishing tales and other anecdotes of beach life, in this charming cookbook memoir. 

It's just perfect for a holiday at the beach.


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